from [ weak frəm, strong fram ] preposition ***
1. ) given, sent, or provided by someone used for stating who gives or sends you something or provides you with something:
You'll have to borrow the money from someone else.
She wanted an apology from the president.
The watch is a birthday present from his daughter.
2. ) used for stating someone's/something's origin
a ) used for stating the place where someone lives or used to live, or their general situation in life:
I'm originally from North Carolina.
Rosie Miller from Eugene, Oregon, received the award.
She married a pharmacist who comes from Boston.
Those from poor backgrounds should not have to pay.
b ) used for stating the place where something was made:
red wine from California
imports from Japan
She collects postcards from all over the world.
c ) used for stating what something was originally a part of:
the music from Offenbach's opera
3. ) starting at a particular point and moving away
a ) starting at a particular place and moving away:
He's on the 3 o'clock flight from Chicago.
Start from that tree over there and run to the house. We're planning to drive from Los Angeles to Denver.
b ) starting at a particular time and continuing: He's usually in his office from around 9:00 to 5:00.
She's interested in the period from the early 1940s to now.
from now/then/that day on: From now on things are going to be different around here.
c ) starting at a particular age and continuing:
I lived with him from the age of twenty.
d ) starting at one amount and increasing or becoming less: The price of gas went from $1.50 to $2 a gallon in just a couple of months.
4. ) used for stating where someone or something is removed from
a ) used for stating where someone or something was before leaving or being removed:
Frank grabbed the pen from Cindy.
He took a hammer from his toolbox.
Remove the pan from the heat.
b ) used for stating an amount that is reduced by having part of it taken away:
Several points were taken from the total.
Seventeen from thirty-six is nineteen.
5. ) used for giving distances used for saying how far away something is in relation to something else:
We live a few miles from the city.
We spent the night about eight kilometers from the Uganda-Kenya border.
6. ) because of something
a ) as a result of something:
Her hair was still damp from her walk in the rain.
She's been suffering badly from stress.
b ) used for giving the reason for a judgment or opinion:
I can tell from your eyes you're a good man.
From what I hear, Mr. Marlow is not a man to be trusted.
7. ) used for giving a range of things used for stating one end of a range of things:
Tickets for the concerts cost from $25 to $50. Evans is charged with offenses ranging from burglary to armed assault.
The company offers a range of products from haircare to footcare.
8. ) employed by something belonging to a particular organization:
a team of experts from the Farm Bureau
9. ) returning after an activity used for stating where someone was or what they were doing before they came back:
We hardly recognized him when he came back from the war.
She was injured in a car crash while returning from a dance.
10. ) used for stating where someone does something used for stating where someone is when they see, hear, or do something:
He works from home three days a week.
Let's watch the fireworks from the roof.
11. ) made of something used for stating what substance has been used for making something:
The toys are made from very durable plastic.
12. ) hanging off or sticking out of something used for stating what something is hanging off or sticking out of:
The room was divided by a blanket hanging from the ceiling.
Her toe was sticking out from the hole in her shoe.
13. ) used for describing the situation before a change used for stating what someone or something was before changing to something else:
Colesville has changed from a sleepy little town to a bustling city.
14. ) used for stating what is prevented used for stating what has been prevented or protected against:
Reporters were prevented from visiting the scene of the accident.
The machine is protected from the weather by a heavy cover.
His restlessness kept him from sleeping.
15. ) used for showing differences used for talking about differences between two or more people or things:
This recipe is different from the one I usually use.
He should know right from wrong by now.
from hour to hour/place to place etc.
used for showing that something changes every hour/is different in every place etc.:
The situation changes from hour to hour.
Conditions vary from place to place.
from place to place/room to room etc.
going to many different places/rooms etc. one after another

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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